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3rd graders make videos.
We capture marketshare, mindshare, and heartshare.

About You

We like to work with winners. Think you're the only one who wants to make a difference in the world? The thing is, if we're going to pour our heart and soul into a project we want to believe in it. So your product/service has to be:

  • Unique
  • Solve a real pain (boredom definitely counts)
  • For a specific market
  • Quantifiable

About Us

If you want to be able to communicate exactly how your product will forever change people's lives...then boy have you come to the right place! We are experts at connecting with people and capturing heartshare through video production. Like you startup gurus we are lightning fast, understand our customers and we are dedicated to making quality videos at a reasonable price. We do the writing, directing, cinematorgraphy, producing and editing. We are filmmakers, artists, brand experts and entreprenuers all sitting cozy in one production company.


Pitch Social, LLC
Dentuim Club
Arrests and Detentions in Cuba
Stephen and Bette Gibson Award
Scipio Wealth Management
Through A Glass Darkly
Kamilla (An Original Ballet)
Utah Valley University: Water 2016
For Whom the Belle Scrolls
Pitch 21 Seconds
Hope for Honduran Children Foundation


All bids are dependant on the scope of the project

  • Basic
  • 1-2 minutes or less
  • 1 location
  • No specific talent
  • No Special effects
  • Get Bid
  • Gold
  • 2-4 MINUTES
  • Basic special effects
  • Get Bid
  • Premium
  • 3-5 MINUTES
  • Crazy cool special effects
  • Get Bid

Additional Services

  • Scripts For Sticky Ideas
  • Hard Drive w/Footage
  • Preproduction Support
  • Production Stills
  • Marketing Campaigns

A Few Companies we've Worked with

capture heartshare

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