1 Billion Lives Improved

1k Companies Ignited

By 2028

Pitch Social, LLC: Non-Shallow Dating App
Scipio Wealth Management
Invent.me: Idea Validation Metrics
For Whom the Belle Scrolls
BYU Dance Promo
Diathermy Heat Invention
Contemporary Dance Promo
BYU Technology Transfer
Dentium Club

Prices are approximations for similiar videos

Video Productions for Products

We like to work with winners. We also like to help make winners. You think you're the only one who wants to make a difference in the world? The fact is that new technologies and products can make life better. Products and services that we especially like working with are:

  • Unique
  • Solve a real pain (boredom definitely counts)
  • For a specific market
  • Quantifiable

A Few Brands we've Worked with

Video Production series for this non-profit Simple how-to video production in Provo. Video production commercial on what makes Pitch unique Various video productions in Provo Utah for everything from the dance to religion to the business departments Introduction video to the academy in Orem Utah Series of videos we produced about how to validate a new idea. Some of the best dance video productions that you'll find west of the Mississippi.

Family Video Documentaries

Preserve your family legacy! Family documentaries allow future generations to honor and remember parents, grandparents and everyone after that. Remember where you come from. Remember who you are. These videos usually include interviews from family members and are always treasured family keepsakes.

  • Preserve memories
  • Professional productions of your own family
  • Bring family history to life
  • Treasure memories forever
My grandparents didn't live in Provo and they were never in a video production. It is a tragedy really.
Dale Tingey

Prices are approximations for similiar videos

Sweet Video Gigs

Based in Provo but this video was filmed in the Salt Flats in Utah. Beautiful video production but hard to get up high.

We're always open to trying something new! So far we've filmed in Spain, Cuba and some very cool places in the good old U.S. of A. We've filmed human rights documentaries, business products and personal films. Film productions bring the world together and we just want to be apart of that. Here are some of the areas we are especially interested in:

  • Augmented Reality Film
  • Social Innovation
  • Dance
  • Travel
Arrests and Detentions in Cuba
Through A Glass Darkly
Kamilla (An Original Ballet)
Hope for Honduran Children Foundation
Entreprenuership Institute
Trapped in Texas

Prices are approximations for similiar videos

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