3rd graders make videos.
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Videos for Products

The Only Non-Shallow Introduction App

Kinda like a nuclear bomb, people remember unexpected, simple, emotional, contrete and credible videos that tell a story. We film what is unique about an idea, mix it with humor and a whole lot of simple writing to create a double-bubble wad of sticky ideas. If Charles Dickens and Wonder Woman reproduced--that child would be named Heartshare "Business" Video Productions and it would live in Provo, Utah.

Videos for Legacies

Dale Tingey: Legacy of Service

Family documentaries preserve legacies. No family heirloom is more treasured than a professional video production of your grandparent's life. If family matters more to you than anything else then we need to talk. Remember your relatives, know where you come from and preserve family stories through video. From Utah to California to Washington DC, our family video documentaries are a forever treasured production that link the generations together.

Videos for Ambition

Arbitrary Arrests and Detentions in Cuba

Interviewing to fugitives, exploring new technologies or just getting that sweet shot turns video production from a spectacle to spectacular. If you've got an idea for a video that will make a difference in the world then you'll need filmmakers as ambitious as you are. We should definitely talk. Not limited to the Provo, Utah area.

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