Our performance.

We're very proud of our video work. We've studied, we've practiced and when the curtains rise
...we perform.

Dance Videos

Agism in Dancing

A professional dancer only has a few years he or she can dance professionally. This documentary examins dance amoung those who have "grown out" of the dancing scene.

Through a Glass Darkly

A moving story of two sisters who connect with their mother and to each other through dance. Utah Film Festival.

Just For Kicks

We spin quite the yarn as we show that you can dance with your feet. Utah Dance Film Festival.

The Work of Us

This is a student screen dance at Brigham Young University. This film was shot in a parking garage. Notice how it's light enough to see the dancers but still has that raw look.

The Light that Shineth

An original dance that Brigham Young University hopes to turn into a film. The movement is beautiful and we did a good job capturing the piece--if we do say so.

So-Called Laws of Nature

It's not hard to make dancers look good in a place as stunning as Goblin Valley. But we managed to do it. Again.

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Promotional Videos

Contemporary Dance Promo

Don't understand contemporary dance? Well. Take a look at this video. If you're not dying to go see the show then your money back.

Y Dance

Y dance? These students explain the impact that dance has had on their life. This promo was to entice incoming freshmen to dance. Which it did.

Claim Promo

Some people were born to dance. These women take it to a new level as they dance pregnant. Feel their love for dance while only months from giving birth.

Pitch Social App

Video for socks

The only non-shallow dating app that will get you a date through a tiered introduction--starting with just your voice. The script was written with the "Made to Stick" framework.

Save a Car; Ride a Bus

Video for socks

What's cooler than sitting in the back of the bus? Dancing in the bus. Check out this promo we did for the Utah Transit Authority.

Air Transit Promo

Video for socks

Do you know what you can't do when the air is bad? Dance. Great promo video for raising air quality awareness in Utah.

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Wedding Videos

Harrison and Luisa

What can you say about the happiness these two have with each other? Not much. See it for yourself.

Royce and Harley

Video for socks

How do you capture what you feel on the morning of your wedding? Video is the only way we know we can preserve, cherish and remember such a happy day.

The Rawson's Wedding

Everyone is tired at the end of a wedding. What a blessing it is to look back and remember the fun you had too!

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Other Videos That Perform

Dale Tingey: American Indian Services

Stephen and Betty Gibson Award

After a lifetime of service, Dale Tingey was honored with an award. The greater honor was the thanks he got from the generations of Native Americans Dale helped get an education.

How to get Arrested in Cuba

Social Mapping Documentary

The Cuban governement has been arrbitrarily arresting their own citizens for half a century. We traveled to Havana to document what few Americans had seen before.

Scipio Commonwealth

Scipio Financial

Show me the money! Scipio Financial Academy is a great resource for students who want to get into the financial sector.

Ideal Validation

What if you could know whether your idea would be a success or not, BEFORE you launch? We explain Invent.me's validation philosophy in this video series.

Professor Jaron Hansen

BYU Tech Transfer

Professors do amazing research and make so many wonderful discoveries. The next step is to bring it to market. In this series of videos that exactly what we hope to do.

Welcome to Entrepreneurship

Utah Valley University

Anyone with the proper help can start a successful company. Mark Seastrand invites students to come talk to him at the Utah Valley Entrepreneurship Institute.

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